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10 best places to visit in march 2023

 10 best places to visit in March in 2023

It's time to start planning for your next trip, and the best way to do this is to start researching the best places to visit in March 2023. Whether you're looking for a big city adventure, a beach vacation, or something in-between, there are plenty of wonderful locations to choose from. From the bustling streets of New York City to the stunning beaches of Hawaii, you'll be able to find something that fits your budget and interests. Additionally, many cities offer special events and festivals in March, making it a great time to explore a new location.

best places to visit in march 2023
best places to visit in march

March 2023 is the perfect time to plan a getaway. Spring is in full bloom, and it's the ideal time to explore some of the world's most stunning destinations. From the beautiful beaches of Thailand to the majestic mountains of Switzerland, there is something for everyone to enjoy. In the United States, cities such as Seattle and New Orleans offer fun activities and plenty of attractions that are sure to delight.

List of the best places to visit in March (2023)

  1. Marrakech, Morocco
  2. Paris, France
  3. Rome, Italy
  4. London, United Kingdom
  5. Crete, Greece
  6. Barcelona, Spain
  7. Istanbul, Turkey
  8. Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  9. Lisbon, Portugal
  10. Phuket, Thailand

1. Marrakech, Morocco

best places to visit in march
Marrakech, Morocco

Marrakech, is the perfect destination for a March getaway. The weather is usually warm and dry, and the city offers a wide variety of entertainment, sightseeing, and culinary experiences. From exploring the bustling souks to admiring the stunning architecture of the medina, visitors can experience a number of different cultures all in one place. Additionally, the city is full of countless restaurants and cafes for all tastes, and there are plenty of events and activities for everyone to enjoy.

Last March, I traveled to Morocco for the first time, and it was an experience that changed me drastically. I was in awe of the vibrant and bustling city of Marrakech, which was alive with the hustle and bustle of locals and tourists alike. Everywhere I went, I was struck by the unique architecture, the stunning landscapes, and the warm hospitality of the people. The food I tasted there was like no other; I enjoyed meals that blended sweet, salty, spicy, and sour flavors all at once.

2. Paris, France

best places to visit in march
Paris – France
Paris, has long been considered one of the greatest cities in the world. Whether a tourist is looking for a romantic getaway in the spring, or a cultural exploration in the fall, Paris is the ideal destination. In particular, March is when the city transforms its many iconic attractions, as well as its pleasant weather, into a truly beautiful experience. From the iconic Eiffel Tower standing tall over the city, to the historic Notre-Dame Cathedral and its accompanying stunning architecture, Paris in March offers something for everyone.

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Paris, in March can be a magical time of year. The city is alive with vibrancy, culture, and beauty that’s hard to find elsewhere in the world. The yearly Paris Fashion Week lights up the streets with an array of runway shows, parties, and events that attract people from around the world. As the days become longer and warmer, the city provides an ideal atmosphere for sight-seeing, shopping, and relaxation.

3. Rome, Italy

best places to visit in march
Rome, Italy
Rome in March is an extraordinary experience. With its spring blooms and mild temperatures, it's the perfect time to explore the city and its many attractions. From its iconic ruins to its modern architecture, Rome offers something for everyone. It is also an ideal time to visit the city's many churches and other sites of religious significance, where visitors can appreciate the city's long history of religion and culture.

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Rome, Italy has been a hub of activity for centuries, with its many monuments, sights, and museums. During the month of March, the city is especially vibrant, with celebrations taking place all over the city. From the ancient catacombs of San Calisto to the grand St. Peter's Basilica, there is something to explore and experience in the Eternal City. Furthermore, the springtime weather makes it the perfect time of year to visit Rome and experience all that it has to offer.

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4. London, United Kingdom

best places ti visit in march
London, United Kingdom
London in March is a desirable destination for many travelers. It has a thriving cultural and entertainment scene, as well as plenty of attractions for all ages. The weather can be unpredictable so it’s important to dress for all conditions. When the sun does come out, there are plenty of parks and other outdoor spaces to take advantage of.

As London welcomed the month of March, it brought with it a renewed sense of hope and re-energized spirit. The streets were filled with citizens who, after months of being cooped up in their homes, felt the need to come out and relish in the fresh air. There was a sense of freedom in the air as people savored the long-awaited moments of being reunited with their loved ones. Even though the days were still full of restrictions and regulations, there was a newfound appreciation for those long-forgotten simple pleasures that come with the season.

5. Crete, Greece

best places to visit in march
Crete, Greece
The small island of Crete, located in the eastern Mediterranean off the coast of Greece, is a picturesque destination in March. Its warm climate and bright sunshine make it a perfect spot to escape the winter blues and spend your afternoons exploring the local culture and history. The ancient ruins of Minoan civilization dot the landscape, providing an interesting contrast between the modern and ancient. The local food scene features both traditional Greek dishes and more eclectic international offerings, which can be enjoyed along the many vibrant waterfront restaurants.

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Crete, Greece in March can be one of the most unique travel experiences in the world. The island of Crete is located in the Mediterranean Sea and boasts a large variety of attractions. Each year, tourists flock to the island to experience the tranquil beaches, stylish restaurants, and vibrant nightlife of the city. The climate is particularly mild during March, offering days of warm sunshine, perfect for exploring the streets of downtown Chania or relaxing on a secluded beach.

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6. Barcelona, Spain

best places to visit in march
barcelona, spain
Barcelona, located in the Catalunya region of Spain, is a city full of culture and history. During the month of March, the city comes alive with its vibrant colors, people, and special events. The La Merce Festival, held during this time, is a five-day celebration filled with colorful parades and street markets. Another popular event during this period is the Barcelona Marathon, which attracts runners from all around the world.

Barcelona, is an amazing city to visit, especially in the month of March. With temperatures ranging from a comfortable 15°C – 18°C, it is the perfect time to enjoy sight-seeing and exploring the city. From the iconic Sagrada Familia to some of the most impressive gothic architecture in Europe, Barcelona has something for everyone. The vibrant energy and culture of the city has thought me more than I could ever imagine and makes me feel like I’m living in a different world.

7. Istanbul, Turkey

best places to visit in march
Istanbul, Turkey
Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey and one of the most vibrant, diverse capitals in the world. In March, the city's charming spring weather and snow-capped mountains attract thousands of visitors from all over. The city's historical sites, culture, and thrilling nightlife are just some of the reasons why Istanbul is a must-visit destination in any season. From the Grand Bazaar to the Blue Mosque, and all of the delicious Turkish food in between, Istanbul offers something for everyone.

Istanbul is a destination that many travelers flock to annually in March. The stunning city offers something for everyone, whether it’s sightseeing at iconic landmarks, trying the local cuisine, or enjoying the bustling nightlife. Spending time in Istanbul in the spring means experiencing some of the best of what the city has to offer, from mild temperatures and blooming flowers to live music and night markets. With so many activities and attractions available, it can be difficult to decide which ones to include in your itinerary.

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8. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

best places to visit in march
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Dubai, is an exciting city filled with energy and life. From the glimmering lights of its stunning skyline to the modernity of its opulent malls and restaurants, it is easy to understand why people flock to this city year round. In March, the city is especially vibrant, with events and festivals taking place all over the city. Whether you are looking for a day of sightseeing or an evening of entertainment, there is something for everyone in Dubai in March.

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March in Dubai, United Arab Emirates is an interesting month to visit. The weather starts to become more enjoyable, as the months leading up to it can be quite hot. The city also offers a variety of activities and events, making it a great time to explore the attractions of this vibrant city. Whether you are looking for a cultural experience, a beach vacation, or a shopping experience, you can find something for everyone in Dubai.

9. Lisbon, Portugal

best places to visit in march
Lisbon, Portugal
Lisbon, one of the best places to visit in portugal and is an amazing city to visit in March. The weather is mild, with temperatures averaging around 15-20°C which makes it an ideal time to explore and experience the city. With its iconic architecture, cobblestoned streets, picturesque views, and fresh seafood, it's easy to see why Lisbon has become a popular tourist destination. From the famous trams that wind along the hilly streets to the lively nightlife in Bairro Alto, there is something for everyone in this vibrant city.

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March in Lisbon, is a beautiful time of the year. The city is filled with lush greenery and vibrant colors as the spring season brings life to the streets. The climate is mild, often with a light breeze that cools off the sunny days. Additionally, there are plenty of outdoor activities such as hiking and biking to experience the city in a new way.

10. Phuket, Thailand

best places to visit in march
Phuket, Thailand
Phuket, Thailand in March is an ideal destination for anyone wanting to experience some of the most beautiful scenery and culture in the world. The warm tropical climate makes it perfect for sightseeing, swimming, hiking, and biking. There are countless activities to enjoy on the island, from relaxing on the beach to exploring the vibrant nightlife. With so much to see and do, it's no wonder why Phuket is a popular destination for tourists from all over the world.

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Phuket is an ideal destination during March. The warm temperatures, inviting beaches, and tropical atmosphere make it a perfect place to relax and enjoy the spring. With its rich culture, delicious cuisine and natural beauty, Phuket is sure to be an unforgettable experience. From taking part in cultural events to exploring its stunning landscapes and vast array of activities, there’s never a shortage of things to do.

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March in Phuket, Thailand is a beautiful time of year. The temperature is warm and balmy all throughout the day, and the landscape is lush and green. The streets are bustling with people and the beaches are teeming with life, making it a wonderful time to visit. There are a variety of attractions and activities available, ranging from traditional Thai markets and temples to vibrant nightlife.

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