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10 Best Tourist Places to visit in Florence

Best Tourist Places to visit in Florence, best places to visit in florence

 Florence one of the most beautiful places in Italy u have to visit, It could take weeks to peer the whole lot Florence has to offer. Almost anyone of its dozens of church buildings will be the prize traveler enchantment of a smaller town. Some of its attractions are amongst Italy's best-regarded icons – Ponte Vecchio, Michelangelo's David, Brunelleschi's Dome – and the whole town is a show off of the Italian Renaissance, the humanist creative motion that broke Europe out of the Dark Ages.

But even amongst such an illustrious series of palaces, church buildings, museums, and landmarks, a few stand head and shoulders above the rest. As you keep in mind all of the matters to peer and do in Florence and plan your days of sightseeing, you might not need to overlook the highlights which have made Florence certainly considered one among Europe's maximum famous cities.

best places to visit in Florence, Italy (with map)

List of the best things to see in Florence
  1. Santa Maria del Fiore
  2. Ponte Vecchio
  3. Uffizi Gallery
  4. Piazza della Signoria
  5. boboli gardens
  6. Santa Croce Church
  7. Loggia dei Lanzi
  8. Piazza della Repubblica
  9. San Miniato al Monte
  10. Mercato Nuovo

1. Santa Maria del Fiore

10 Best Tourist Places to visit in Florence

The dominant feature of the Florence panorama is Santa Maria del Fiore, the domed cathedral often called the Duomo. Known today as the largest brick dome in the world, this majestic cathedral boasts 600 years of architecture and stunning artwork. Planning because the new church began in the late 13th century and construction began in 1296. Unfortunately, the construction was interrupted several times by politics and the plague. In 1375 the workers were ordered to demolish the partially completed church of and start over.

With the exception of the marble on the outside, Florence Cathedral was completed in 1436. Arnolfo di Cambio wasThe first architect to work on the cathedral. He designed it in the Gothic style, leaving room for a huge dome that completes the building. However, I had no idea how to build this dome. Fortunately, Filippo Brunelleschi, a goldsmith and watchmaker, solved this mystery.

The Brunelleschi dome, added in the 15th century, is 45 meters wide and 114.5 meters high (148 and 377 ft) and is the largest masonry dome ever built. Construction technique previously used in Persia. He used 37,000 tons of brick, stone and wood and a unique herringbone pattern for laying the bricks to create the dome. Four hundred and sixty-three steps were built to allow access to the top of the dome of 
Map Of: Santa Maria del Fiore

2. Ponte Vecchio

Best Tourist Places to visit in Florence

Ponte Vecchio is the oldest and most famous of the six bridges spanning the Arno River in Florence. The bridge, also known as the Old Bridge, was the only bridge that crossed the river until 1218. Historians believe that the original bridge dates back to Roman times. The bridge connecting the Uffizi Gallery The gallery and the Pitti Palace are across the river. Unfortunately, a flood in 1333 destroyed the building.

In 1593, however, due to the stale smell of waste from these shops, Ferdinand I ordered that only goldsmiths and jewellers be allowed to set up shop on the bridge. Today, these stores sell affordable jewelry as well as expensive antiques and leather goods. In addition, the bridge is also an art museum. The Ponte Vecchio was the only bridge in Florence that was not destroyed by the Germans during World War II. Instead, they demolished buildings on both ends of the bridge to block access.

In November 1966, the river experienced severe flooding again. This time, however, the bridge was bearing the weight of mud and water. The hallway built above the store has a peculiar history. In florence, Duke Cosimo I was denied entry to Palazzo Pitti across the river, historians say The Mannelli family owns a medieval tower on the bridge. Cosimo requested that a special corridor be built around the tower so that he could enter his home.

It was built in 1564 and is known as the Vasari Corridor. A new tradition at Ponte Vecchio is the use of padlocks. In the middle of the fenced bridge stands a statue of the famous goldsmith Cellini. Lock the fence and throw the key into the Arno River. It makes them believe their Love will last forever.

However, there are so many padlocks on the fence that those caught now have to pay a fine. Ponte Vecchio is a work of art created from elements of various parts of a Florentine figure. An opportunity to see and enjoy all aspects of life in Florence, old and new.

Map Of: Ponte Vecchio

3. Uffizi Gallery

Best Tourist Places to visit in Florence

The gallery occupies the entire first and second floors of the large building built between 1560 and 1580 and designed by Giorgio Vasari. It is famous worldwide for its outstanding collections of ancient sculptures and paintings (from medieval to modern times). The 14th century and Renaissance painting collections include some absolute masterpieces: Giotto, Simone Martini, Piero della Francesca, Beato Angelico, Filippo Lippi, Botticelli, Mantegna, Correggio, Leonardo, Raffaello, Michelangelo and Caravaggio, as well as many valuable works of European painters (mainly German, Dutch and Flemish). In addition, the gallery has a priceless collection of ancient statues and busts of the Medici family that adorns the halls and consists of ancient Roman copies of lost Greek sculptures.

Map Of: Uffizi Gallery

4. Piazza della Signoria

10 Best Tourist Places to visit in Florence
Piazza della Signoria has served as an important political center  and the scene of several historical episodes over the centuries. It's a beautiful square nestled between some of Florence's top attractions. Here tourists can visit notable sights such as the Palazzo Vecchio, the Uffizi Museum, the Palazzo Uguccioni, the Loggia de Lanzi and the nearby Ponte Vecchio bridge. 

This town square is also a treasure trove of notable sculptures, such as a replica of Michelangelo's David in the Fountain of Neptune, Hercules and Cacus, and Perseus holding the head of Medusa.
Map Of: Piazza della Signoria

5. boboli gardens

10 Best Tourist Places to visit in Florence

Located in the back of the Palazzo Pitti, the Boboli Gardens have been created through the Medici own circle of relatives withinside the sixteenth century. The stunning and sundry Italianesque lawn is domestic to a big wide variety of statues and fountains. The gardens have exceeded via numerous tiers of growth and restructuring work.

They have been enlarged withinside the seventeenth century to their gift volume and feature come to shape an outside museum of lawn sculpture that consists of Roman antiquities in addition to later works.

Map Of: boboli gardens

6. Santa Croce Church

10 Best Tourist Places to visit in Florence

No visit to Florence would be complete without paying tribute to the city's most famous inhabitants, many of whom are buried in the church nicknamed the Temple of Italian Glory.

The world's largest Franciscan church, Santa Croce, is the final resting place of luminaries such as Michelangelo Rossini Galileo and Dante. The cathedral's 16 chapels also display breathtaking works of art, including frescoes painted by Giotto during his time of great talent.

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The realism of his "Death of St. Francis" set the stage for the Renaissance. The Pazzi Chapel, located in the first cloister of the cathedral, is a must-see. Built to the design of Filippo Brunelleschi, it is considered a masterpiece of the Renaissance architecture.

Map Of: Santa Croce Church

7. Loggia dei Lanzi

Best Tourist Places to visit in Florence
The building's official name is Loggia della Signoria, but it is often referred to as Loggia dei Lanzi because of the German mercenary guards (Italian: Lanzichenecchi corrupted as Lanzi) who were stationed there on the way to Rome in the 16th century (1527).

It was built in the fourteenth century by Simone di Francesco Talenti Lorenzo di Filippo and Benci di Cione.

Construction took place between 1376 and 1382. The beautifully proportioned open gallery is designed in a late Gothic style, a clear precursor to the soon-to-be-popular Renaissance style. Michelangelo, one of the most prominent artists of the Renaissance, even proposed moving the gallery along Piazza della Signoria, but Cosimo I de'Medici, Duke of Florence, eventually decided it was too expensive.

The loggia was originally used to accommodate the assembly of the people and to hold public ceremonies and official ceremonies of the Florentine Republic.
The Lodge symbolized the Republic.
On the façade corresponding to the columns of the arch are placed four clovers with allegorical figures of the four fundamental virtues (fortitude, temperance, justice and prudence) by Agnolo Gaddi (1383-1386). Their blue enamel background is the work of the monk Leonardo, while the gold of The stars were painted by Lorenzo de’Bicci. The vault, consisting of a semicircle, was completed by Antonio de Pucci in Florence.

Map Of: Loggia dei Lanzi

8. Piazza della Repubblica

Best Places to visit in Florence

One of the oldest parts of Florence, the Piazza della Repubblica stands on the site of the city's Roman forum. The Colonna dell'Abbondanza, a monument dating back to 1431, marks the exact center of the ancient settlement. Densely populated in the Middle Ages, the square was completely renovated in the 19th century. A triumphal arch on the west side of the square commemorates his transformation. 

Today the square is best known for its elegant neoclassical buildings, luxury shops and open-air restaurants, including the famous Giubbe Café Rosse, a notable meeting place for artists and writers.

Map Of :Piazza della Repubblica

9. san miniato al monte

Best Tourist Places to visit in Florence
Perched high on a hilltop, Florence's oldest church offers panoramic views of one of Italy's most scenic cities. Behind its attractive green and white exterior is a treasure trove of beautiful art. Medieval frescoes, mosaics and inlaid marble floors adorn the Romanesque church structure. The Renaissance was also well represented.

Cappella del Cardinale del Portogallo shows the diversity of the era with its carved pilaster medallion ceiling marble statues and colorful frescoes. Porto Santo is at its most enchanting in the evening, when Benedictine monks celebrate Mass with Gregorian chants.

Map Of: San Miniato al Monte

10. Mercato Nuovo

best atraction to visit in florence in italy

Covered with ornate loggias supported by open arches, Mercato Nuovo is one of Florence's most unusual markets. While souvenirs such as straw hats are sold here, it is the history and legends associated with Mercato Nuovo that attracts visitors the most. In the center of the loggia is The "Stone of Shame" is where debtors were once nakedly spanked.

The colorful Italian expressions of ending bankruptcy may have originated from this practice. On the south side of the loggia is the Fontana del Porcellino fountain, which houses a bronze boar statue. It is said that stroking the nose of the "pig" will bring good luck.

Map Of: Mercato Nuovo

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