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6 best places to visit in nigeria (map & photos)

These destinations offer a mix of cultural, historical, and natural attractions, allowing visitors to experience the diverse beauty of Nigeria.

 best places to visit in nigeria

Nigeria is a country filled with diverse cultures and beautiful destinations. From bustling cities to serene nature reserves, there is something for everyone. One of the best places to visit in Nigeria is Lagos, the economic capital of the country. The city is known for its vibrant nightlife, beautiful beaches, and bustling markets.

best places to visit in nigeria
best places to visit in nigeria
Nigeria is a country rich in culture, history, and natural beauty. From bustling cities to serene landscapes, there are many great places to visit in Nigeria. If you're interested in exploring the country's natural wonders, be sure to check out places like the Yankari National Park and the Obudu Cattle Ranch. For a taste of Nigeria's history and culture, consider visiting the Lagos National Museum and the Benin City National Museum.

map of the best places to visit in nigeria

1- Calabar: The Tourism Capital of Nigeria

Located in the Cross River State, Calabar is widely regarded as the tourism capital of Nigeria. Originally known as Akwa Akpa in the native Efik Language, it is often referred to as the Kingdom of Calabar. Situated on a hill alongside the Calabar River, the city exudes a serene and rustic charm. Its village-like beauty is further enhanced by the presence of ancient British-era monuments, showcasing sleek, white marbled elegance.

For nature enthusiasts, Calabar offers an abundance of delights. From the majestic Kwa Waterfalls to the expansive Cross River National Park, the city boasts remarkable natural wealth. Notably, the Drill Rehabilitation Centre is a must-visit destination, dedicated to conserving the endangered species of Drills.

Museum hopping is another enticing activity in Calabar. Immerse yourself in the poignant history of African slaves at the Slave Museum, or explore the fascinating exhibits at the National Museum of Calabar. With an array of museums to explore, there is always something captivating to discover. Additionally, families can enjoy a fun-filled day at the adventure park within the Tinapa Resort, while December brings the famous Calabar Carnival, a spectacle not to be missed.

Plan your visit to Calabar and indulge in its natural wonders, cultural heritage, and exciting attractions. From breathtaking waterfalls to educational museums, Calabar has something to captivate every traveler.

2- Onitsha: A Vibrant Trading Port on the Niger River


Situated on the eastern banks of the Niger River, Onitsha is a bustling metropolitan hub and the primary commercial center of Anambra State, Nigeria. Originally settled by the Igbo people, the city has evolved into a significant trading port, renowned for its economic importance.

With the majestic Niger River flowing alongside, Onitsha boasts a distinctive rustic charm. The town's vibrant culture, marked by lively festivals and sprawling marketplaces, further enhances its allure. When in Onitsha, a visit to the magnificent Ogbunike Caves is a must. These subterranean caves, located just outside the city, form a captivating network waiting to be explored. History enthusiasts can also explore the Palace of the Obi of Onitsha, an architectural marvel that showcases the town's heritage. Another captivating attraction is the Rojenny Tourist Village, offering an impressive array of museums, a zoo, an amusement park, and more.

To immerse yourself in Onitsha's thriving culture, a visit to the famous Onitsha Market is highly recommended. As one of the largest markets in West Africa, it is renowned for its affordable, locally produced goods. Families can enjoy delightful picnics at the Rojenny Tourist Village, a popular pastime. Onitsha experiences a hot and humid climate throughout the year, with the wet season characterized by oppressive humidity and cloudy skies, while the drier months bring overcast skies and extreme heat.

Explore the vibrant atmosphere and rich heritage of Onitsha, where the Niger River flows and trade flourishes. Don't miss the captivating caves, the bustling market, and the cultural gems that make Onitsha a truly remarkable destination.

3- Kano: A Captivating City at the Southern Tip of the Sahara

Located at the southern edge of the majestic Sahara, Kano stands as Nigeria's second-largest city, following Lagos. Once inhabited by the Nok tribes in the 7th century, Kano now serves as a bustling commercial capital, while preserving remnants of its Nok culture as a testament to its rich history.

Nestled amidst converging rivers and mesmerizing plateaus, Kano exudes a unique charm. The cityscape is adorned with traditional settlements and bustling markets, while the Jakarta River adds to its allure. The cultural and religious heritage of Kano offers a plethora of attractions. The Emir's House stands as the pinnacle of Kano's cultural marvels. Formerly the residence of the Hausa emperor, it showcases resplendent traditional Hausa architectural designs. Another prominent landmark is the Kano Central Mosque, which attracts thousands of devotees for the Friday prayer.

An intriguing experience in Kano is witnessing the vibrant dyeing process at the city's numerous dyeing pits, where traditional Nigerian clothes are intricately crafted. Nature enthusiasts can explore the Falgore Game Reserve and marvel at the diverse animal exhibits. Fishing and boating at the Tiga Dam present a delightful way to embrace the city's natural beauty.

Kano enjoys a typical tropical savanna climate, characterized by high temperatures throughout the year, peaking in April. The city experiences precipitation year-round, with a concentration of rains between June and September.

Discover the captivating allure of Kano, where the Sahara meets cultural splendor. Explore its historical treasures, immerse yourself in the local traditions, and savor the natural wonders that make Kano a truly enchanting destination.

4- Benin City: Unveiling the Beauty of Edo State

Benin City
Benin City

Welcome to Benin City, the sprawling capital of Edo State in Nigeria. As the largest city in the state and an industrial hub, Benin City was once the center of the renowned Kingdom of Benin, which thrived from the 13th to the 19th century. This ancient city boasts a primitive and rural charm, unlike any other. From its vibrant festivals to its world-famous art, Benin City's beauty must be experienced firsthand.

Immerse yourself in the marvels of Benin by visiting the Royal Palace of Oba Benin. This architectural wonder, recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, serves as the royal residence and holds immense cultural significance. Another must-visit destination is the Benin City National Museum, housing a remarkable collection of Africa's finest bronze and terracotta artifacts. Nature lovers will find solace in the enchanting Okomu National Park, a protected sanctuary teeming with diverse wildlife and birds.

For an authentic Benin experience, venture into the bustling Igun Street, where talented metalworkers showcase their craft. If you happen to visit in December, you'll have the opportunity to witness the traditional Igue Festival, complete with mesmerizing dances and mock battles. Benin City's weather remains hot and oppressive year-round, with alternating wet and dry seasons. Monsoon rains are most prevalent during the mid-year months.

Discover the allure of Benin City, where the echoes of a glorious past meet the vibrant present. Explore its royal heritage, appreciate its artistic treasures, and embrace the unique charm that makes Benin City an extraordinary destination.

5- Lagos: Africa's Largest City Blending Tradition and Modernity

Welcome to Lagos, Africa's largest city, offering a delightful fusion of tradition and modernity. Situated along the Gulf of Guinea and stretching across the Lagos Lagoon, Lagos initially served as a home to the Yoruba tribes of West Africa before evolving into a bustling port city spread across multiple islands.

Lagos captivates with its youthful and vibrant atmosphere, renowned for its rich culture and stunning coastlines. Majestic sandstone cliffs meeting turquoise waters adorn one side, while metropolitan malls and towering skyscrapers dominate the skyline on the other.

Discover Lagos' beauty by exploring its fantastic beaches. The city is home to two of Africa's most exquisite beaches: Praia do Camilo and Meia Praia, boasting pristine white sands and crystal-clear waters. Don't miss the breathtaking Ponta de Piedade, a collection of limestone caves and grottos nestled near Lagos Bay.

Water sports enthusiasts will find an array of activities to enjoy in Lagos, with kayaking being a popular choice. Nature lovers can explore the Lagos Zoo, showcasing native African exhibits. For a day filled with excitement and adventure, visit Parque Aventura Lagos with your family. Lagos enjoys warm weather year-round, with relatively cooler months from June to September. Moderate rainfall occurs throughout the year, with the monsoon season concentrated between May and July.

Experience the allure of Lagos, where tradition meets cosmopolitan energy. Embrace the stunning beaches, immerse yourself in the local culture, and revel in the countless attractions that make Lagos an unforgettable destination.

6- Port Harcourt: Where Modernity Meets Nature in Rivers State

Port Harcourt
Port Harcourt
Welcome to Port Harcourt, also known as 'Pitakwa,' the largest and capital city of Rivers State in Nigeria. Nestled within the Niger Delta, this vibrant city stretches along the lively Bonny River. What once were fishing villages have transformed into a thriving port city, striking a harmonious balance between modern urban life and coastal beauty.

Port Harcourt entices visitors with its juxtaposition of modernity and nature. The city's white sand beaches, caressed by cool waters, offer an idyllic retreat for beach lovers. Meanwhile, its bustling malls and shopping plazas cater to those seeking the vibrancy of city life.

Make sure to visit the Tourist Beach in Port Harcourt, a beach haven where you can take a refreshing dip and engage in activities like horse riding and beach sports. For a taste of tradition, explore the Port Harcourt Cultural Centre, showcasing valuable artifacts and antiquities. Extend your cultural journey with a visit to the Rivers State Museum.

For a day filled with fun and adventure, head to the Pleasure Park in Port Harcourt. Experience exhilarating activities, including tower climbing. Nature enthusiasts and photography aficionados shouldn't miss a visit to the Port Harcourt Zoo. The tropical climate of Port Harcourt ensures hot temperatures year-round, with alternating wet and dry spells. The heaviest rainfall occurs between June and September.

Embrace the spirit of Port Harcourt, where modern comforts merge seamlessly with the splendor of nature. Indulge in beach escapades, explore cultural treasures, and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere that defines this captivating city.

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