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10 best restaurants in dubai in 2023

Best restaurants in Dubai

Dubai is known for its luxury, and its restaurants are no exception. There are many high-end restaurants in the city, offering a variety of cuisines to satisfy any palate. One of the best restaurants in dubai is Al Qasr, which offers a unique blend of traditional Middle Eastern flavors and modern takes on international dishes. The restaurant's decor is also luxurious and has been said to take diners through an Arabian fairytale.

Best restaurants in Dubai
 Best restaurants in Dubai
Dubai is a city known for its high-end shopping, delicious food, and popular nightlife. It's no surprise that the city offers some of the best restaurants in the world. Whether you're looking for a romantic dinner, a family meal, or a night out with friends, Dubai has options for every palate and budget. From traditional Middle Eastern cuisine to the latest in international flavors, you're sure to find something delicious in Dubai.

List of the top 10 restaurants in Dubai

  1. Amazonico
  2. Avli by tashas
  3. BB Social Dining
  4. BOCA
  5. carine restaurant
  6. Carnival by Trèsind
  7. Din Tai Fung
  8. Em Sherif
  9. Folly
  10. Gaia

1. Amazonico

best restaurants in dubai
Amazonico 1# of 10# best restaurants in dubai
A tropical paradise in the center of Dubai, stepping into Amazonico is like stepping straight into a Latin American rainforest. The sprawling restaurant extends over three floors and includes a dining room, bar and lounge, a dedicated sushi area and an impressive rooftop terrace. Diego Sánchez is at the helm. After working with the best chefs in Latin America, including Astrid y Gastón's Gastón Acurio and the acclaimed Central's Virgilio Martínez, he was chosen in 1 to oversee the opening of Amazonico in Dubai, where he now turns Peruvian produce into gold. 

Sit among exotic plants and Amazonian butterflies (creations by Spanish interior designer Lázaro Rosa-Violan) and choose from the spectacular sushi menu: responsibly caught bluefin tuna, seared king salmon and tempura shrimp are all on offer, jokingly. Presented as Moriawase, Nigiri, Gunkan and Maki. Larger dishes from the charcoal grill or wok are also popular with the public.

Location: DIFC Pavilion, Dubai
Average price per person: $100
Lunch and dinner: Mon – Sun
tel: +97145713999

2. Avli by tashas

best restaurants in dubai
Avli by tashas 2# of 10# best restaurants in dubai
How do you create that understated sophistication that's a given in Athens' finest restaurants, but seems so hard to find in Dubai? The answer, in this case, seems to be natural materials, a soothing oat color palette and simple, nutritious food from restaurateur Natasha Sideris, who draws on her childhood memories of hot summers on the Greek coast. And it's still one of the best. Dinner with friends choose from the mezze menu with hot, cold and raw options. Do you have an appointment? Try one of their main courses to share. Partying in a group of 10? Including the aubergine mille-feuille, an elegant version of a classic moussaka.

Location: Unit C-01, Ground Floor, Gate Village Building 9, Dubai
Average price per person: $95
Lunch and dnner: Mon – Sun
tel: +971 4359 0008

3. BB Social Dining

best restaurants in dubai
BB Social Dining 3# of 10# best restaurants in dubai
Welcome to all groups, friends, families and couples, BB Social Dining promises great food, friendly service and a memorable dining experience, all at a very reasonable price for the city. This charming spot in Dubai's CBD retains traces of its art gallery past, complete with an elegant spiral staircase, checkered tiled floor, and al fresco rooftop terrace. 

Co-founder and Executive Chef Alex Stumpf spearheads the kitchen, serving the best of's Asian cuisine, from bao to barbecue. Community is at the heart of the restaurant's philosophy, right down to its name (which derives from the Arabic word 'habibi' 'what means "love"), and is also reflected in the menu. Vegan and vegetarian options are popular, as are meat-based dishes. Look out for the super green sea bass with grilled avocado and the tongue-in-cheek 'prawn star' served as prawn toast with toasted sesame seeds and chili jam. Both of which are firm favorites.

Location: Gate Village 0, Dubai,
Average price per person: $55
Lunch and dinner: Mon – Sun
tel: +97144074444


best restaurants in dubai
BOCA 4# of 10# best restaurants in dubai
The restaurant's website states that the team "wants to stop using the word 'sustainability'  and make a difference," and that's exactly what's happening at this bustling bistro in the heart of Dubai's financial hub. Dishes like beetroot risotto and grilled calamari may refer to the coastal regions of Spain, Italy, and France, but the menu is local, a rarity in a desert nation where so many restaurants boast of bringing luxury from abroad. Khansour flowers, homaid leaf purée and salted seed vinaigrette with Dibba Bay oysters, along with Persian Gulf kingfish  and locally grown hydroponic vegetables. The Spanish wine list pays tribute to smaller, lesser-known regions like Castilla and Somontano, the cocktails use ingredients from the kitchen that would otherwise go to waste, like a pineapple peel blender Impressive stuff.

Location: Gate Village 6, DIFC, Dubai
Average price per person: $71
Tasting menu from: $100
Lunch and dinner: Mon – Sun
tel: +971 4323 1833

5. carine restaurant

best restaurants in dubai
carine restaurant 5# of 10# best restaurants in dubai
Carine Restaurant at Emirates Golf Club is inspired by a French brasserie. It is one of the best restaurants in dubai, designed by LW Design, the interiors are bright and feminine, embodying the sophisticated and rugged charm of northern France. A special entrance in the left wing of the club takes you to the dining room, which offers a beautiful view of the golf course. A glass facade helps open up the space and connects the indoor restaurant with the larger outdoor terrace and bar. Old rustic floorboards, white bordering and traditional bra metal accents have been used to create an effortlessly sophisticated interior. An olive tree stands in the center of the room to add an element of nature to the overall aesthetic.

Location: Emirates Golf Club, Emirates Hills 2, Dubai
Average price per person: $125
Breakfast: Sat – Sun
Lunch and dinner: Mon – Sun
tel: +971 4417 9885

6. Carnival by Trèsind

best restaurants in dubai
Carnival by Trèsind 6# of 10# best restaurants in dubai

Newly opened in September, Carnival by Tresind promises to bring post-modern Indian cuisine to the Dubai food scene. DIFC Restaurant is the second adventure by the minds behind Tresind, one of the city's top-rated restaurants. On the menu, which includes Happy Halloween (soft Indian bread filled with pumpkin) and Life is Short, Eat Dessert First (a yoghurt-based dish served with the traditional Indian sweet Jalebi), chef Himanshu Saini puts on a celebratory show, served with a touch of theater and full of flavor.

Location: Level POD, Burj Daman, DIFC, Dubai, Dubai 27385
Average price per person: $25
Tasting menu from: $70
Brunch: Friday 
Lunch and dinner: Mon – Sun
tel: +971 52 242 4262

7. Din Tai Fung

best restaurants in dubai
Din Tai Fung 7# of 10# best restaurants in dubai
It's hard to believe that this neighborhood gem is actually part of a dumpling dynasty with locations around the world. Din Tai Fung has come a long way since it started as a family-owned restaurant in Taiwan in 1958. Though it now has hundreds of restaurants across Asia and four in Dubai, it has never lost its local vibe, high value and insistence on quality home cooking. Has change for a ten dollar bill, and there aren't many consistently tasty restaurants in Dubai that can say the same thing. Her signature dish is xiaolongbao (dumpling soup), and it really is a classic for a reason: salty, filling, and with just the right amount of elasticity.

Location: The Dubai Mall, Financial Center Rd, Dubai
Average price per person: $18
Lunch and dinner: Mon – Sun
tel: +971 4320 0477

8. Em Sherif

best restaurants in dubai
Em Sherif 8# of 10# best restaurants in dubai
Absolutely Em Sherif, is one of the best restaurants in dubai, the brainchild of Lebanese chef and owner Mireille Hayek, offers a slice of old-school Middle Eastern opulence in this Dubai outpost of the Beirut original. Live folk music creates a party atmosphere, while the dining room features Ottoman-style mirrors, plush banquettes, and light blue walls. If you ditch a set menu in favor of a fixed 32-plate menu, guests should arrive hungry. Expect hot and cold meze platters, succulent meats and fish, and a feast of five traditional desserts. Postprandial Shisha on the terrace is optional.

Location: The Address Downtown, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Boulevard, Downtown, Dubai
Average price per person: $0
Tasting menu from: $90
Lunch and dinner: Mon – Sun
tel: +971 4 424 3000

9. Folly

best restaurants in dubai
folly 9# of 10# best restaurants in dubai
Folly is superbly located in the Souk Madinat Jumeirah, with sweeping views of the Madinat canals. The Folly is an intimate dining room with an open kitchen, as well as two outdoor terrace bars with a heavy play on craft cocktails. Certainly, menus with a European trend change seasonally: dishes play intensively with presentation and color and rely heavily on the promotion of high-quality products.

Location: Unit 27, Souk Madinat Jumeirah, Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai,
Average price per person: $60
Tasting menu from: $95
Lunch and dinner: Mon – Sun
tel: +971 4 430 8535

10. Gaia

best restaurants in dubai
Gaia 10# of 10# best restaurants in dubai
The problem with Dubai's new restaurant GAIA is reflected in the name; The use of capital letters reflects the focus on the glamorous aspects of opening a restaurant, which unfortunately causes the subtleties to go awry. (Ex-La Serre and La Petite Maison) and its veteran Greek chef Oresti Kotefas, supported by the Bulldozer Group. The press release promises: A modern tavern dating back to serving authentic Greek cuisine with a modern twist. With a harmonious use of flavors, carefully prepared dishes are served in layers, allowing each dish to complement the previous one to create a culinary wonderful experience.

Location: First Floor, Building 4, Gate Village, DIFC, Dubai,
Average price per person: $50
Tasting menu from: $0
Lunch and dinner: Mon – Sun
tel: +971 4 241 4242

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