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best places to visit in tuscany

Best places to visit in tuscany, places to visit in tuscany

Tuscany is visited by millions of tourists every year and is one of the most popular regions of Italy. Located in the center of the country, Tuscany offers scenic and tranquil landscapes with beautiful towns dotted with rolling hills and low mountains. , and fertile farmland. To the west it borders the Ligurian and Tyrrhenian Seas, home to the idyllic island of Elba and the enticing Tuscan archipelago. A treat, Tuscany is also famous for its romantic towns and villages. Tourist attractions include old churches, elegant squares and impressive palaces.

This is a lovely place to stroll around, with the historic centers of Siena, Pisa and Lucca being particularly charming places to visit in Tuscany. In addition, the capital of Tuscany, Florence, is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cities in the world. And is almost unmatched when it comes to its myriad artistic and architectural treasures.

Best places to visit in Tuscany (with map)

list of the best places to visit in Tuscany, Italy

  1. Massa Marittima
  2. Pienza
  3. Viareggio
  4. Cortona
  5. Volterra

1. Massa Marittima

The town and municipality of Massa Marittima sits high on a hill overlooking a wealth of scenic countryside in the province of Grosseto in southern Tuscany. Often overlooked in favor of Florence, Pisa and Siena, it boasts a beautiful historic center. And thankfully absent large crowds and tour groups. 

Founded over a thousand years ago, the small town is home to many impressive and interesting historical sights, most notably the beautiful cathedral. Built in the Romanesque-Pisan style, it displays wonderful art and architecture. Its majestic bell tower rises dramatically above a fascinating jumble of medieval streets. Scattered around the historic center are centuries-old churches and palaces for visitors to explore, as well as countless traditional cafés and restaurants.

Massa Marittima also offers a number of fantastic museums that offer a fascinating insight into the rich history and mining heritage of the city and region.

Map Of: Massa Marittima

2. Pienza

Pienza, located in the historic Val d'Orcia region of Tuscany, is a friendly and pretty place to visit that owes its fame and wealth to its former resident, Pope Pius II. It was this influential figure who completely transformed the once tranquil outback into the romantic Renaissance town we see today. Pienza was converted into a papal retreat around 1459 and named after Pius II, with monumental buildings towering over the town. 

Along its large and elegant central square you will find today an impressive Cathedral from and the Town Hall as well as the Piccolomini Palace, once home to the famous Pope. From the lush gardens of the papal palace you can enjoy spectacular views of the surrounding fields and farms and of Mount Amiata looming in the distance.

The charming historic center of Pienza is the first example of humanistic urban planning. This was later repeated throughout Italy and Europe. Strolling among the pastel colored buildings and winding cobbled streets is a pleasure, with plenty of picturesque countryside to visit.

Map Of: Pienza

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3. Viareggio

Viareggio is a very popular place to visit for its sun, sea and sand. It is located in northern Tuscany, on the shores of the Tyrrhenian Sea. While its heyday is long gone, the small town is one big beach. Every year, thousands of revelers attend the famous fun and festive carnival. 

Along its beautiful golden sandy beaches are many dilapidated but charming Art Nouveau buildings that now house countless cafés, restaurants and bars. City life revolves around the waterfront, with playgrounds and lively resorts nestled alongside its busy port and marina.

Besides its sun-kissed sandy beaches, Viareggio is also known for its colorful carnival, which takes place every year. Over the course of a month there are parades and parties, masquerade balls and float-filled celebrations, with everyone dressed in costume enjoying the lively atmosphere.

Map Of: Viareggio

4. Cortona

Cortona is dramatically situated on a prominent hilltop and is blessed with breathtaking views in every direction. The small town in the province of Arezzo is home to many beautiful medieval buildings and Renaissance architecture, and was once part of the Etruscan Confederation. 

Hidden among the ancient cobbled streets are elegant squares for visitors to explore, with centuries-old churches and palaces dotted here and there. The scenic nature of Cortona is so scenic that much of Under the Tuscan Sun was filmed here. 

To better understand the city's rich history, heritage and culture, it's worth visiting the fabulous Diocesan Museum and the Museum of the Etruscan Academy. Both house interesting exhibitions, impressive works of art and antiques. Ancient artefacts, while numerous archaeological places, can be found around the city.

Map Of: Cortona

5. volterra

Another charming hilltop town in Tuscany is Volterra, in the province of Pisa, overlooking an endless patchwork of farms and fields. It is worth noting that it is believed to have been inhabited since the eighth century BC and has many interesting and important histories Sights and cultural landmarks are dotted.

While exploring the streets of this small city, visitors will encounter Roman ruins and medieval town squares, while rugged walls dating back to the Etruscans surround its century-old buildings. The oldest of these sites is Porta all'Arco from the fourth century BC - the town's main Gate - and the Roman Theater, while relatively new buildings include its hulking cathedral and hilltop Medici fortress.

In addition to its fine architecture and stunning historical sights, Volterra is also known for its superb alabaster carvings, which are still made in the town's workshops. Great place to pick up souvenirs; many shops and boutiques sell handcrafted and locally made artwork.

Map Of: volterra

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