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10 best hotels in santorini, greece (with map)

 10 best hotels in santorini, greece

When the world dreams of the Greek islands, they imagine Santorini. The view of the whitewashed village hanging over the crater rim might be a romantic cliché, but it still takes your breath away. When day trippers clamor to capture that overworked sunset photo, Santorini's best hotels serve it up on a plate. Draw the curtains, order a cocktail, or take a dip at these well-loved spots, and you'll enjoy a front-row seat to stunning views of Santorini. 

10 best hotels in santorini, greece (with map)
best hotels in santorini

These Santorini hotels promise more than sun-drenched backdrops; privacy is It's also part of the innate attraction. On this listing, you'll find boltholes tucked away at the end of dirt roads, intimate cottages with sweeping sunset views, and grilled fish in vine leaves in a guests-only restaurant. This is the Greece of dreams. Make it real with our best editors, Santorini hotels.

Best hotels in Santorini, Greece (with map)

List of the best hotels in santorini, greece (with map)

  1. Andronis Boutique Hotel
  2. The Vasilicos
  3. Perivolas Hotel
  4. Grace Hotel
  5. Katikies Chromata Hotel
  6. Incognito Villas
  7. Andronis Arcadia, Oia, Greece
  8. Santo Maris Oia Luxury Suites & Spa, Finikia, Greece
  9. Erosantorini, Thera, Greece
  10. Cosmopolitan Suites, Thera, Greece

1. Andronis Boutique Hotel

best hotels in santorini
Andronis Boutique Hotel
Andronis sits in the center of Oía, a small village on the northwestern tip of Santorini, surrounded by traditional white houses with blue domed roofs. The rooms are spread around several curves of the hotel's traditional architecture in the form of a cave. lauda was the first built in 1971, the Oía restaurant brings together locals and tourists to taste traditional dishes from the region. This ethos continues today - fresh dishes are prepared using local ingredients and top chefs are employed to create a superb menu. Note: Guests must Ages 13 and up, the vibe is definitely more romantic than a family affair. Cordelia Aspinall.

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Map of Andronis Boutique Hotel

2. The Vasilicos

best hotels in santorini
The Vasilicos
Beyond the cheerful tourists and undulating whitewashed walls of Imerovigli village lies a boutique hideaway, a masterwork in Cycladic simplicity. Soft and serene design gives way to breathtaking caldera views. Owner Daphne Valambous spent her childhood summers The house hasn't changed much since her father built it in the 1980s, except for the addition of a couple of plunge pools and a professional kitchen. True to its heritage as a family home, Vasilicos is one of the few hotels in Santorini that does not have an adults-only policy, making it an excellent choice of Family hotel options in Greece, especially for older children. For couples stay in the Efta Suite, a quiet cocoon inserted into the cliffside, completely secluded, and don't miss a sunset apéritif in the guest-only restaurant for two tables.

Map of The Vasilicos

3. Perivolas Hotel

best hotels in santorini
Perivolas Hotel
This is the hotel that made me fall in love with Santorini. That's what keeps me coming back. While the rest of the island can sometimes feel overcrowded, here everything is low-key and unhurried, almost eerily calm. Much like the owner Costis Psychas, a blond giant who built this hive, The cliffside houses are made of volcanic stone. More a sculptor than a builder, Psychas distills the eerie landscape into a cocoon of crisp white sheets, spread over low beds, strewn with fuchsia cushions, a shapely pool, always extended to the horizon. His sharp-eyed daughter Sandrine now runs Perivolas Equally lacking in ego. This year, they've hired talented young chef Theodoros Kakoulis to update the guest-only restaurant; risotto with smoked tomato and shrimp and grilled fish in vine leaves with sesame green beans and strawberries are light and inviting, yet complex.

Map of Perivolas Hotel

4. Grace Hotel, Auberge Resorts Collection, Imerovigli, Greece

best hotels in santorini
Grace Hotel
Grace Santorini sits on the edge of a cliff; seen from above, it resembles a sunbather dangling a limb lazily over the edge of the island's famous caldera. Converted from two village houses partially destroyed by the 1956 earthquake, the hotel has 17 rooms and 7 suites, as well as two swimming pools. All rooms have a terrace and are simply decorated in white. The hotel is not suitable for the elderly or infirm (there are 149 steps to negotiate) or children (under 14 are not allowed). Book the honeymoon suite in room 46 for complete privacy.

Map of Grace Hotel

5. Katikies Chromata Hotel, Imerovigli, Greece

best hotels in santorini
Katikies Chromata Hotel
This is one of the best hotels on the island, located on the edge of the cliffs in Oia. Two split-level suites in the former residence of an 18th-century noble family: the exterior is painted in an original light ocher colour, the interior is decorated with antiques and Orthodox icons displayed on the walls pale blue walls. The other 25 rooms and suites have similar interiors, with sea views and terraces with bright white façades that look like a pile of sugar cubes rolled off a cliff. More than 200 steps connect the room pools - including a beautiful infinity pool - to the public areas The area and the small rooftop terrace restaurant serve delicious fresh seafood. The nearest beach is five minutes away with a free transfer, but it might be quicker to walk in summer when the narrow roads are clogged with coaches.

Map of Katikies Chromata Hotel, Imerovigli, Greece

6. Incognito Villas

best hotels in santorini
Incognito Villas
It might seem impossible to get away from it all on this island, but a place like Incognito Villa can do it. It's at the end of a dirt road on the beach near Monolithos, has its own garden and a small swimming pool, and is a short walk in either direction of the road to the tavern sand. Even in the height of summer, it's surprisingly quiet here.

Map of Incognito Villas

7. Andronis Arcadia, Oia, Greece

best hotels in santorini
Andronis Arcadia, Oia, Greece
Polished concrete and whitewashed Brutalist cubes rise from the sprawling Andronis hideaway. All roads lead to the sparkling Aegean Sea, which lies below the hotel's western façade - meaning jaw-dropping sunsets from the hotel's restaurant The infinity pool complements the beach club and beautiful bedrooms. Each room has a cool dark plunge pool on its private terrace, and polished floors lead to interior rattan details and wicker furniture, low beds and calming bathrooms. There is a lively restaurant with a DJ and regular parties, and a small but sweet spa. But you're really here for the island's lavish space and equally hard-to-find privacy, along with those almost unheard-of uninterrupted sunsets.

Map of Andronis Arcadia, Oia, Greece

8. Santo Maris Oia Luxury Suites & Spa, Finikia, Greece

best hotels in santorini
Santo Maris Oia Luxury Suites & Spa, Finikia, Greece
At first glance, this all-suite hotel, set in the bushy hills below Oia, doesn't feel right. But when the sun sets in swirls of pink and lavender out to sea in front of the hot tub, it all starts to make sense. Asked for one of the new rooms added in May 2018 for the best view. This sponge hot springs are another attraction. Along with scrub wraps and facials, you can also get the Lucky Treatment: a four-hand massage said to grant any wish. Dubious, but it will make you shine.

Map of Santo Maris Oia Greece

9. Erosantorini, Thera, Greece

best hotels in santorini
Erosantorini, Thera, Greece
Privacy is a rare privilege in Santorini. This stunning villa breaks the mold. Through a narrow passage, behind a cacti-strewn stone wall, suddenly emerges an expansive terrace and a stepped pool that reaches 1,000 feet to the sea. Playful graphics with whitewashed kilims and giant speckled beanbags The design is undoubtedly Paola Navone, the Italian designer behind several COMO hotels. Four pastel, monochromatic suites are located in separate houses, which you can rent individually or as a whole. (Kids are especially welcome here for Santorini, and there are no steep stairs.) Watch the birds, boats, sun and Stars painting patterns on the sea and sky is like stepping into a 360 degree Viewmaster. With a wood-fired oven wine cellar marble spa yoga instructor outdoor movie theater and engaging staff of 10, you'll need little adventure.

Map of Erosantorini, Thera, Greece

10. Cosmopolitan Suites, Thera, Greece

best hotels in santorini
Cosmopolitan Suites, Thera, Greece
This 10-room hotel is located in the capital Fira, near the cable car that transports tourists from the old port, and close to many bars and nightclubs. In addition to gazing at the sea and volcanoes, you can also people watch. Hollywood's stars have stayed in rooms filled with antiques, and Room 7 is the characterful predecessor Family.

Map of Cosmopolitan Suites, Thera, Greece

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