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BeTraveler - Say Yes To A New Adventure

BeTraveler - Say Yes To A New Adventure

5 Top Tourist Attractions in Europe

 With its layers of history and cultural overlap, Europe is a treasure trove of everything from the Middle Ages and Antiquity to Baroque and Art Nouveau. Combined with the arctic conditions in the north and the beautiful Mediterranean climate in the south, the whole side of nature Pair with cultural entrees from this wonderful continent.

Sunken city leaning towers and mystical old towns mix with Catholic churches, deep lakes and sweeping fjords. This hotbed of history and civilization offers an undeniably exciting place for any traveler, so here are the top European tourist attractions to help you plan your next trip.

1. Colosseum

5 Top Tourist Attractions in Europe

The Colosseum is the perfect symbol of the heyday of the Roman Empire. Dating back to 72 AD, it was designed to hold 50,000 spectators and was the largest amphitheater built at the time. Various public spectacles are displayed here - from animal hunts and executions to gore Gladiator fights; it's even filled with water simulating naval battles.

Although the Colosseum is actually in ruins, it remains a Roman landmark. Step inside the arch and visit the structure. Sit back and imagine yourself as a Roman-era audience, and the grand display and spectacles that take place inside the ring.

2. Acropolis

5 Top Tourist Attractions in Europe

The Acropolis is an amazing sight. This massive hill is home to many ancient ruins dating back to the 5th century BC. Some of the attractions of the Acropolis include the Temple of Athena Nike, the Erechtheion, and of course the Parthenon.

Built in 447 BC at the height of the Athenian Empire, the Parthenon is a symbol of Greece and its countless columns are impressive. Dedicated to Athena, it became a Christian church in the 6th century and a mosque in the 1460s after the Ottoman invasion. The Acropolis is lit up after nightfall The light that can be seen around Athens.

3. hagia sophia

5 Top Tourist Attractions in Europe

For nearly 1,000 years, Hagia Sophia has been the largest cathedral in the world, and it remains a wondrous structure. Originally built as an Orthodox cathedral in AD 537 when Istanbul was named Hagia Sophia of Constantinople, an Ottoman mosque from 1453 and today a museum Enjoy all beliefs.

The dome of Hagia Sophia is a marvel in itself, and the entire building perfectly reflects Byzantine architecture - and Istanbul's patchwork heritage. Take a stroll around the building today and you can combine the city's history with fascinating murals and Interesting artifacts.

4. Alhambra

5 Top Tourist Attractions in Europe

Built on the ruins of a Roman fortification in AD 889, the Alhambra is a palace and fortress combination in Granada, Spain. For nearly 1,000 years, most of the Iberian Peninsula has been ruled by the Islamic Moors, and Andalusia (where the Alhambra is located) is their longest-held territory.

Today, you can explore the oldest parts of the castle, climb the watchtower, explore the stunning Moorish gardens and courtyards, and marvel at the intricate geometric patterns throughout the complex. The backdrop of the Sierra Nevada makes the Alhambra even more mystery.

5. Fjords of Norway

5 Top Tourist Attractions in Europe

One of the top reasons many people travel to Norway is to visit its majestic fjords. Shaped by glaciers over a long period of around 2.5 million years, the towering U-shaped valley and its carved cliffs create a breathtaking landscape that is almost impossible to admire.

Norway has more than 1,000 fjords, of which only some are visited in groups (such as Hardangerfjord and Geirangerfjord), which means it is still possible to find a lonely spot. Taking a cruise is a great way to see the towering walls of the fjord as the boat glides across the water. Alternatively, hike at the top of the fjord for a bird's-eye view of the incredible landscape.

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