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BeTraveler - Say Yes To A New Adventure

5 cheapest places to live in new york

  New York is home to one of the most famous cities in the world, but  also one of the most expensive. Expand your search outside of New York City and you might be surprised  that there are actually some very affordable and very livable properties out there. New York cities. Even if Manhattan is out of your reach, there are definitely  cheaper options.

1. ilion

Ilion is a small-town complicated in Central New York, 50 miles east of Syracuse. With a mean profits of $54,397 and a mean hire of $623, Ilion is clearly the most inexpensive area to stay in New York. Compared to the relaxation of the country, the value of dwelling in Ilion is 22.6% decrease than the country wide average. There are numerous playgrounds and parks here, and crime charges are low.

2. Ogdensburg

This metropolis in St. Lawrence County, northeast from Hornell, closer to the Canadian border, presently ranks second because the maximum less costly metropolis in New York. The median earnings is $41,965 and the median rent, $627. Here, you could have a healthful own circle of relatives life, specifically when you have little children. It is likewise one of the satisfactory locations to retire in New York. As it lies at the Canadian border, you could take the dual carriageway as a right away course to Ottawa for a weekend away in Canada!

3. Hornell

Hornell in Steuben County is another affordable place to live in New York, with a median income of $42,562 and an average rent of $667. The cost of living here is 29.7% below the national average. And the good news: recent job growth has been positive. Hornell jobs increased by 0.

3%. There are several parks in Hornell where you can spend some quiet time. There are also farmers markets and farm stands throughout the area where you can enjoy locally grown foods.

4. Massena

Massena is  just south of the Canadian border. With a median income of $44,626 and an average rent of $699, Massena is another city with a very affordable cost of living. There are several free outdoor activities in this city, such as: B. Hiking in the mountains at Robert Moses State Park, where you can also  swim at the beach, hit  golf balls and visit some nature centers. Also visit the Massena Nature Center and the Eisenhower Lock.

5. Olean

Olean is New York's flagship for affordability, housing and safety. The median income is $41,742 and the median rent is $648. There are also great outdoor recreation opportunities to enjoy. Rock City Park, 5 miles south of Olean, offers several  trails to walk and incredible, breathtaking scenery to enjoy. Allegany State Park is another amazing place known for its two lakes and wonderful camping experiences.

You can swim, canoe, kayak, fish, hike, mountain bike and try  many other things. You must also visit Holiday Valley, a resort and leader in the ski industry with 13 lifts, 58 slopes and trails, three base lodges, two hotels, a golf course, swimming pools, a roller coaster, an air park and multiple amenities.

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