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5 most beautiful beaches in turkey

Most beautiful beaches in Turkey

Turkey is a patchwork of ancient cultural peoples and landscapes. With Eastern Europe on one side and Asia on the other, Turkey has been influenced by imperial cultural connections and trade routes throughout its long history.

Its natural landscapes and coastline have long played an important role in the country's destiny, and today, Turkey's equally beautiful beaches attract people to visit this historic country.

Surrounded by the sea on three sides, the Turkish coast offers the opportunity to swim in the crystal clear waters of the Aegean Sea, the inland waters of the Black Sea and the dazzling pure blue of the Mediterranean. If you are looking for unforgettable charming and very diverse beaches then You should travel to Turkey.

In this article, we will show you most beautiful beaches in turkey

most beautiful beaches in turkey

list of the 5 most beautiful beaches in turkey

  1. kabak beach
  2. kaputas beach
  3. Konyaalti Beach
  4. Patara Beach
  5. iztuzu beach

1- Kabak Beach

most beautiful beaches in turkey

To get to this pretty little beach in Lycia, you have to be prepared to do some trekking - and when we say trekking, we mean trekking. The descent from the top of the rocky cliff may seem a little daunting, but the view from the heights of Kabak Beach far below will take your breath away.

From the tops of shady pine trees across the sandy enclave, take in the stunning views towards the deep blue Mediterranean - you won't be able to stop taking pictures, it's so beautiful!

Your hard work will pay off after being stumbled by sharp stones and steep hills for quite some time. Relax on the soft and warm pure sand of Kabak Beach and frolic in the shallows of the tranquil sea. The sailboat swayed gracefully on the gentle waves, A shady spot to take a break from the sun with a hard-earned refreshing drink.

Map of kabak beach

2- Kaputas Beach

most beautiful beaches in turkey

Sandwiched between sheer forest cliffs is the clear, calm waters of Kaputas Beach. Ideal for swimming and snorkeling, Kaputas is a great beach for families with children. There are various facilities including showers and toilets.

Once you've managed to make your way up the 170 steps to the beach, you can rent sun loungers and umbrellas and nap in the shade for a few hours. The nearby Kalkan harbour is lined with small restaurants and bars. Stay on the yacht long enough for the sun to set and enjoy dinner in the early evening After a few days at sea, the ship returned to the dock.

Map of kaputas beach

3- konyaalti Beach, Antalya

One of the two best sandy beaches of Konyaalti Beach in Antalya is located on the west side of the ancient port city and stretches for seven kilometers. This resort-quality beach is known for its entertainment and nightlife, as well as a tree-lined beach park populated by Turks Pine and hibiscus trees, water park night clubs, bars and restaurants – all overlooked by the majestic Beydağları Mountains.

Since it is one of the most popular beaches in the city of Antalya, there are lifeguards stationed on the beach, as well as changing rooms toilets and showers are provided free of charge to all visitors, making it an easy place to visit for families.

Map of Konyaalti Beach

4- patara beach

Patara Beach is a secluded seaside where you can sunbathe and swim in the warm ocean. Located in a quaint little village that forms part of the famous Lycian Way hiking route, Patara is the longest beach in Turkey. Lack of development in the field - especially on the seashore - makes this beach stand out from other Turkish seasides.

Urban sprawl has not reached this area, as protected loggerhead sea turtles have returned 40 million years to lay their eggs. This particular beach is not about loungers and beach bars, but about enjoying the unique beauty of this part of Turkey and getting to know The historical and ecological importance of the beach and surrounding area.

Map of Patara Beach

5- Iztuzu beach

4.5 kilometers of fine sand make up the stunning İztuzu Beach. Nicknamed Turtle Beach İztuzu, it is one of the most important sea turtle conservation beaches in Turkey. The beach is a visually stunning natural feature - it's mostly long, sands, Act as a barrier between the intricacies of the fresh water of the Dalyan River and the bold beauty of the Mediterranean.

This idyllic stretch of the Turkish coast showcases Turkey's stunning natural beauty and is best appreciated when exploring the river delta by boat. Walk along the reeds through ancient archaeological places and the boat will take you from the town of Daylan all the way to the open coast of İztuzu beach.

Spend the day swimming in extremely clean and warm shallow waters, then drying on one of the sun loungers on the beach.

Map of iztuzu beach

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