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10 Best places to visit in india (map & photos)

India is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. India has something for everyone. There are many different places to visit in Indi

Best places to visit in India

Traditional yet full of surprises, India is one of those destinations that will end up on every traveler's bucket list. They might dream of going to Agra to see the Taj Mahal in all its splendor, or exploring the royal palaces that dot Rajasthan. Others find themselves to Be mesmerized by the breathtaking scenery of Darjeeling and Rishikesh, or the postcard-perfect beaches of Goa.

Then there are India's big cities - New Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata - each with its own distinct personality. Never get bored exploring the temple markets and colorful streets of the heart of India's largest city. The hardest part of traveling to India is to figure out exactly what to see on your trip.

Whether you're looking for an epic backpacking trip or a luxurious vacation, plan your adventure with this list of the best places to visit in India. 

List of the best places to visit in India

  1. Agra
  2. Mumbai
  3. New Delhi
  4. Rishikesh
  5. Rajasthan
  6. Delhi
  7. Goa
  8. Kolkata
  9. Kerala
  10. Ajanta and Ellora Caves

1. Agra

10 Best places to visit in india

If there was only one symbol that could represent all of India, it would be the Taj Mahal. This monument inspires millions of tourists to wake up to Agra every year before dawn to see the magnificent buildings scattered and glowing at sunrise. But Agra tops list of best places to visit in India, reasons to go beyond India's most famous attractions.

The city in Uttar Pradesh is full of fantastic Mughal monuments such as the tomb of Itimad-ud-Daulah and the tomb of Akbar, adorned from top to bottom with mesmerizing inlaid marble designs. Also, tourists can visit another UNESCO World Heritage Site: Agra Fort. There are so many miracles in A place, Agra is a must-visit city for tourists in India.

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Map of Agra

2. Mumbai

mumbai 10 Best places to visit in india

Do you want to see a more cosmopolitan side of the India? Head to the vibrant seaside city of Mumbai - home to the super-wealthy entrepreneurs and the hottest Bollywood actors. In this luxurious city, tourists are not far from five-star hotels or gourmet restaurants. Even if these activities are not in, cruising along beloved Marine Drive will make you feel like royalty while catching glimpses of the scenic coast and stunning Art Deco architecture.

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You can also see a more authentic local side of Mumbai at the bustling Thieves Market or Churchgate Railway Station, where hundreds of thousands of homemade lunches are packed and delivered to the city's commuters every day.

Map of Mumbai

3. New Delhi

New Delhi

Despite the crowds and chaos, New Delhi still offers tourists a lot to love. The colorful capital of India is a perfect mix of tradition and modernity. Old Delhi is home to some of the country's most treasured attractions, including the Jama Masjid Red Fort and the Chandni Chowk shopping boulevard. But throughout the sprawling city, visitors can explore countless other sites of spiritual and cultural importance.

Popular tourist attractions in New Delhi include the Lotus Temple; India Gate; Humayun's Tomb; and Qutub Minar, India's tallest minaret. Explore these mesmerizing sights and fill your day with fuel from streetside chai stalls and fine dining restaurants.

Map of New Delhi

4. Rishikesh


Rishikesh has attracted the attention of spiritually minded travelers since the Beatles spent time at Maharishi Mahesh Yogi's monastery in the late 1960s - now a deserted place that has become an off the beaten path for fans of Tourist attraction.

Nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas on the banks of the holy Ganges, the town is a center of yoga and pilgrimage. Join the action or just enjoy the temple bells and sightseeing from Rishikesh's two suspension bridges, which are often guarded by confident men Family of monkeys. Keep your distance.

Map of Rishikesh

5. Rajasthan


Northwestern India is the state of Rajasthan, which borders Pakistan and is home to the Thar Desert. Whether you're interested in Rajput history or the sights of the Aravallis Mountains, Rajasthan has some of the best attractions in India. Jaipur or Pink City is The capital of Rajasthan and a great place to start your trip.

It has an incredible array of buildings including three forts, many temples and the remarkable city palace. Also in Rajasthan, it's worth a visit to Jodhpur, the so-called Blue City, the gateway to the Thar Desert and home to the imposing Mehrangarh Fort.

Map of Rajasthan

6. Delhi


If you spend any time in northern India, you'll almost certainly visit the capital, Delhi. This sprawling destination is home to several districts and is believed to be one of the oldest cities in the world. One of the top attractions in Delhi is the Red Fort or Lal Kira, built in the 17th century.

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The Red Fort is built of sandstone, and you can enter the bazaar through its Lahore Gate, pass through the Jewel Palace, and even enter the Sultan's former residence. While in Delhi, you should also make time to visit the city's many museums and religious buildings.

Map of Delhi

7. Goa


India isn't just full of big cities and holy places - it also has incredible beaches in the southern state of Goa. The stretches of golden sands along the Arabian Sea have something for every type of traveler, whether you're interested in hanging out with the backpacker crowd in a laid-back beach cabana Or enjoy a luxurious tropical getaway at a five-star resort.

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A unique feature of Goa is its fusion of Indian and Portuguese cultures. From baroque architecture and cathedrals to spicy curries and seafood dishes, you'll experience a fusion of the entire destination.

Map of Goa

8. Kolkata


Kolkata, India's third-largest city, is a decaying masterpiece of former British India, filled with colonial-era architecture. Top things to do in Kolkata include visiting the Victoria Memorial, a white marble monument that houses a museum with dozens of galleries and the famous Park Street The boulevard, lined with shops and restaurants, is bustling 24/7, especially during the holidays.

But Kolkata is not only about emotions, it is also about sights. This city will stir your every emotion in some way, with the highs and lows of life to be seen on every street. Take heart and be open to the experience.

Map of Kolkata

9. Kerala


The state of Kerala in southwestern India is a land of tropical beauty. Palm trees, white sand beaches, and ecotourism are all great reasons to explore the area. Besides the elegant houseboats and temple festivals known for its backwaters, Kerala is home to Thekkady, a tiger sanctuary that allows You can admire the flora and fauna without the crowds.

The heart of Kerala is the city of Cochin, where you can see a thriving local fishing industry as well as modern high-rises and colonial architecture. Cochin is so ethnically and religiously diverse that you can spend an afternoon exploring the Synagogue, Dutch Palace, and Portuguese Palipuram Fort and Hindu Thrikkakara Temple.

Map of Kerala

10. Ajanta and Ellora 

Ajanta and Ellora

Time travel is not yet a reality for travelers, but you can get pretty close at Ajanta and Ellora Caves in Maharashtra. Both caves are a UNESCO World Heritage Site and feature intricate carvings dating back at least 1,500 years.

Ajanta Caves is the oldest of the two sites, with some 30 Buddhist cave monuments carved into the rock as early as the 2nd century BC.

About 100 km southwest of Ellora Caves are nearly three dozen Buddhist Jain and Hindu carvings, the most famous of which is the Kailasa Temple (Cave 16), a colossal structure dedicated to Lord Shiva with a life-size Elephant sculpture. Two magnificent carvings will Let you be full of surprises.

Map of Ajanta and Ellora Caves

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