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BeTraveler - Say Yes To A New Adventure

10 Best Places to Visit in Iceland

  Wild, windy and snow-covered, Iceland is a land of steaming volcanoes and charming fishing villages, rugged canyons and huge fjords, bubbling hot springs and vibrant vodka bars, from south to north pole. Here, we take a look at 15 of the best places every traveler to this Scandinavian island should have on their menu (and super fresh fish, of course!).

1. The Blue Lagoon

Bubbling and bubbling between the rocky promontories of the Reykjanes Peninsula, about 40 kilometers from the island's capital, Reykjavik, the Blue Lagoon is considered one of Iceland's most popular tourist attractions. Despite its volcanic nature, the place is actually very young. It was created in the 1970s from the remaining drains of a geothermal power plant. Still, the setting in the ridges surrounding Grindavik is truly mesmerizing, and the waters are rich in minerals – which is why the lagoon is gleaming and white, and the driving force behind the site’s famous healing powers.Visitors to the lagoon can also enjoy in-water massages, guided tours of curious geothermal areas and luxurious lounge facilities.

2. Gullfoss Waterfall

Visitors will find the majestic Gullfoss waterfall tumbling over the cliffs of southwest Iceland. Known as one of the most dramatic cataracts in the world, it tumbles over a series of layered rocks and terraces before falling into a 100-foot (32-meter) fissure, giving the waterfall its unique appearance as if it were is disappearing underground in Iceland. The waterfall itself is often arched by rainbows or shrouded in mist, while the surrounding hills and ridges are covered in green grass in summer, providing a beautiful setting for hiking on the banks of the Hevita River background.

3. Grundarfjordur

The sleepy fishing village of Grundarfjördur lies on the snow-covered edge of the Snaefellsnes peninsula, where some of the strangest coastal formations in western Iceland stretch all the way to the waters of the Greenland Sea. While the surrounding national parks are full of hikes and cliff walks, and Grundarfjördur itself is known for its unpretentious summer folk festivals, hosted by the local Viking Foundation, the town is undoubtedly the most famous base for sightseeing (and taking pictures) of this . The striking silhouette of Kirkjufell Mountain swayes like rocky shark fins in the waterfalls and bays of Snaefellsnes.

5. Landmannalaugar

The deep-cut valleys of Landmannalaugar, the famous Fjallabak Nature Reserve in southwest Iceland, are a hidden destination with everything from bubbling volcanic hot springs to ochre-colored ridges. Hiking trails encircle the entire Campsites and detached mountain huts in the middle of Landmannalaugar provide outdoor enthusiasts with the base point they need to reach the famous Laugavegur trail. The resistance in the area, though, has to be Brennistan Salda; obsidian lava sheets and Iron-colored, sulfur-spotted ridges are visible from the trail.

6. Reykjavik

Sophisticated and eccentric hedonism and ongoing Reykjavík deal a heavy blow to Earth's northernmost capital city. Hallgrimskirkja's towering and unforgettable needle-like spires overlook the charming city centre of painted wooden houses - and now lives up to its name Icons of Icelandic cities – while plenty of hearty Scandinavian vodka bars and bistros blend between the streets. The beautiful nearby Tjornin swimming pool adds a water feature to the town, while the Alpingi parliament building exudes 19th-century charm, while the city centre is connected to the Iceland's National Gallery Hafnarhus and the fascinating 871±2 ancient ruins. Anyway, don't miss this one!

7. Vatnajokull National Park

Topped by a seemingly endless ice field with its namesake glacier (the largest on the continent outside the Arctic Circle), Vatnajokull National Park makes its home on more than 13,000 square kilometers of land in southeastern and central Iceland. The area is known for its dramatic changes The scenery ranges from flowery meadows and galloping waterfalls (don't miss the famous Dettifoss!) through the lowlands of Skaftafell (which also has many campsites in summer) to glacial fields cut by wind-swept fissures at the summit. Here the wetlands Hosting roaming reindeer and towering over the mighty Hvannadalshnukur (the highest point in the country), the rugged interior of Eldgja Canyon showcases some truly fantastic volcanic geology - there's a lot to see!

8. borgarnes

Borgarnes may look like a small piece of whitewashed wood sandwiched between the coastal plain, the rising peaks of the Hafnarfjall massif, and the waters of Borgarfjordur a little north of Reykjavik. But this inconspicuous fishing village by the sea actually has The mythical roots of the Egils Saga, which later became the center of commerce and trade throughout western Iceland. That means travelers can look forward to a range of shopping opportunities and a similar Museum of Settlement Center, which chronicles the earliest days of Borgarnes The more obvious attractions of the surroundings: coastal hikes; whale watching; those indelible hot springs!

9. Asbyrgi Canyon

Carved from the rocky interior of northeastern Iceland, Asbyrgi's chiseled canyons and ridges are always breath-taking. Runs over three kilometers on all the steep edges of the canyon, reaching heights of up to 100 meters at some points. Hiking trails can be found Delve deep into glacial valleys carved by rivers, through tussock meadows, willow and birch forests, and ancient features of Ice Age cliffs. This place is also shrouded in Norse legend; it is believed to have been created by the footprints of Odin's mythical Maslepnir.

10. skalholt

The bigger draws of the off-the-beaten-track and oft-overlooked southern region - Gullfoss Falls and the Golden Circle - can be found in Skalholt on rolling fields on the edge of the Hvita River. Believe it or not, this little snow-covered center in the wilderness In fact, since the 11th century, it has been one of the most powerful and important sights in the country, and has been known as the center of the Catholic Church in Iceland. Today, the town is crowned with the oversized Skalholt Cathedral, which was almost completely rebuilt in the 1900s with elegant Danish stained glass sheet.

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